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Music for Health Services

This website is designed to provide information about Dr. Harvey and the publications, resources, recordings and learning opportunities available through in-person and online teaching/learning experiences that are the focus and mission of Music for Health Services. For additional information about Dr. Harvey's itinerary or online courses, he can be reached by email or phone. At this time available resources may be ordered by mail, with payment enclosed. Click on the business card graphic below to view a brief listing of services offered by Dr. Harvey.

Information of Note
ISQRMM Click on the blue button to view information about the Interdisciplinary Society for Quantitative Research in Music and Medicine (ISQRMM).
Relax With The Classics

Volumes I IV of Relax With The Classics
Largo * Adagio * Pastorale * Andante

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publications' menu Just a reminder that Dr. Harvey's publication "A Journey of Exploration; Roadmap to Understanding Music & the Brain...a book of Selected Writings" is for sale. This is self-published by MFHS Publishing. A link to the order form is at the bottom of the "publications' menu." Also to be found at that menu is information about his publication "Relax with the Classics, A Pocket Guide to Music for Learning, Teaching, and Creativity."
Awards and Publicity Awards, Recognitions, & Media Attention
menu of published and unpublished articles by Dr. Harvey Click on the blue button to view a menu sampling of various published and unpublished articles by Dr. Harvey. 
Announcement of a workshop on "The Music-Brain Connection," currently offered by Dr. Harvey. Announcement of a workshop on "The Music-Brain Connection," currently offered by Dr. Harvey.
Sampling of Pesentation slides Click on the blue button to view a document consisting of title pages (and other selected pages) from workshop presentations Dr. Harvey has given in recent years.

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Updated: November 3, 2016

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